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Centre Facilities

We are located on a main road running through Standish, which is easily accessible by road, public transport and on foot. We have a large car park to the front of the building for our clients use.

Comprehensive and advanced practice management software


Our modern computer system allows us to book your appointments efficiently, keep your clinical notes upto date and attach documents such as x-rays to your record allowing our vets to provide a more personal service.

Waiting room

Our waiting room allows our patients to feel more at ease when visiting us. Our attractive waiting room displays add colour to the area and offer valuable information on pet care and some of our available products. We have a small sales stand. Our reception desk allows us to serve our clients and our receptionists to interact with our patients and their owners creating a warm, friendly environment that will make you and your pet feel welcome.

Consult rooms

We have 3 fully functioning consultation rooms enabling us to provide a punctual service for your appointment. Our consultation rooms are welcoming making you and your pet feel at ease whilst seeing the vet or nurse.


Separate cat and dog wards

Our cat ward contains 6 spacious kennels in a room away from the kennel room with a door to keep it nice and quiet and a heater to keep or feline patients warm and cosy and stress free. The cattery is designed to allow cats to view out into our spacious garden, keeping them stimulated during their time with us.


Our kennel room joins to our preparation room where there is always a member of staff present enabling us to keep a close eye on our patients. It contains walk in kennels and some which can be split to accommodate all sizes of dogs. Our kennel room contains a heater to keep our patients warm if necessary.


We also have a separate isolation ward to accommodate potentially contagious patients.

Fully equipped theatre

We have two fully equipped operating theatres including an orthopaedic suite which allows our vets to be more productive and tackle our operations list efficiently to the highest standards of care.  Our theatres are maintained to a very high standard of hygiene providing a sterile environment for all our surgical procedures.


Digital radiography


Our digital xray machine allows us to take and process quality images of your pet much faster than the older methods which is essential in an emergency situation. These x-rays are then stored on the computer making them easily accessible for diagnostics and comparison and can be sent digitally to a referral vet if required.

orthopeadic-fracture repair- after 1.jpg


Our new ultrasound machine allows us to look at your pets internal structures without the need for a sedation or anaesthetic. This can be a very helpful diagnostic tool. Our machine also allows us to look at the blood flow through different organs to check for abnormalities, take and save images to help with a diagnosis and includes and electrocardiogram (ECG) so we can check the rate and rhythm of your pets heart. This machine allows us to do pregnancy scans if your suspect your pet may be pregnant.

good ultra (1).jpg

Laparoscopic equipment

Currently based at our Tyldesley branch our state of the art laparoscopic equipment facilities enable us to perform minimally invasive surgery on your pet with a reduced risk of post-operative infection, reduced risk of bleeding due to smaller incisions, quicker recovery time, less scarring and reduced post operative pain.

Laproscopic spay3.JPG

Dental facilities

We have a fully functioning dental machine and tools enabling us to improve your pets oral hygiene giving them a better quality of life. We also have a dental x-ray machine which allows us to take images of your pets mouth so we can make sure there are no problems with the parts of the teeth we can't see and the jaw.

In house laboratory

We have a fully functioning laboratory with modern equipment including a centrifuge, microscope, haematology and biochemistry machine which aids us in making a faster diagnosis which is essential in an emergency situation. We also have in house fast working snap tests to check our patients for diseases such as Pancreatitis, Lungworm, Parvovirus, Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

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