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Laparoscopic & Endoscopy

At Standish Veterinary Centre we are fortunate enough to have specialist equipment at our disposal to aid us in surgical and diagnostic procedures.

Currently based at our Tyldesley branch our laparoscopic procedures involve us making a very small incision into the skin and inserting a camera to have a look at internal structures such as organs and tissue. It is otherwise known as 'keyhole surgery'.


This procedure can be used to do many things such as spays, cryptorchid castration, and internal biopsies of tissues. We can also use this to have a good look around for any abnormalities without having to make an incision big enough to fit a surgeons hand in.


Laparoscopic procedures have many benefits including a quicker recovery time, a reduced chance of infection due to the incisions being much smaller, less scarring and it is also less painful post operatively.


We also have the facilities available to carry out endoscopic procedures. This is where we put a small camera through a natural opening to explore the internal structures and identify any abnormalities. We can also use this technique to guide us to take biopsies of tissues and remove foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract or respiratory tract. This is minimally invasive and a fantastic diagnostic tool. We can use this to perform a gastroscopy, colonoscopy, broncoscopy, hysteroscopy and cystoscopy.

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