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Meet Bella - Anal Sacculectomy Surgery

Bella recently attended the surgery with problems with her anal glands and had an anal sacculectomy..

An anal sacculectomy is where the surgeon makes an incision near the anus directly over the affected anal gland. The gland is then dissected from the external and internal anal sphincters. The opening created by the vet is flushed out before closing the surgical site completely or prior to placing a drain. A drain is usually placed if the dog has been suffering from a chronic anal gland infection, as infectious material should be drained entirely before complete closure. If only one anal gland is affected, the surgeon may choose to leave the healthy anal gland intact as unilateral anal sacculectomy is not associated with incontinence.

Anal glands are scent glands — some people refer to them as “anal sacs.” They are located between the layers of muscles that make up the rectum and, when all is working right, they are naturally expressed, through the duct that connects the gland to the “outside world,” each time a dog poops.

"Scooting" or dragging their butt along the ground is only one of the many possible signs indicating a potential anal gland problem.

Others may be: •Excessive licking of their rectum •Straining, vocalising, or otherwise having difficulty or pain when defecating (pooping) •A swelling or “bump” under the skin next to their rectum •Blood and/or pus on their stools •Blood and/or pus on the carpet, their bed, or on your lap after they’ve been laying there

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