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Distichiasis and Corneal Ulcer

Luna presented at the practice with a corneal ulcer in her eye caused by extra eyelashes rubbing on the eye surface. Luna was diagnosed with Distichiasis this is where an extra row of hairs which can be long and stiff grow on the eyelid and irritate the eye, resulting in a corneal ulcer. The severity of the problem depends on how stiff the hairs are, how long they are, where they’re located, and how many extra hairs there are. Luna had the eye lashes removed and diathermy was used on the hair follicles to prevent regrowth under general aesthetic. Luna also had a corneal ulcer that was treated with a Diamond burr debridement (DBD) . DBD is performed using a handheld, battery powered polishing burr which removes the abnormal membrane and non-adherent epithelial cells, but does not penetrate into normal stroma after the debridement a human contact lens was placed into the eye to protect the corneal surface and encourage healing of the ulcer.

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