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Laparoscopic assisted Abdominal Cryptorchid castrate.

Apollo visited our Tyldesley branch for a rare procedure called a Laparoscopic assisted Abdominal Cryptorchid castrate.

The testes develop near the kidneys within the abdomen and normally descend into the scrotum by two months of age. In certain dogs, it may occur later, but rarely after six months of age. Cryptorchidism may be presumed to be present if the testicles aren’t palpated in the scrotum after two to four months of age. In most cases of cryptorchidism, the testicle is retained in the inguinal canal or in the abdomen. In some cases, the testicle may be located in the subcutaneous tissues in the groin region, between the inguinal canal and the scrotum. In cases of abdominal cryptorchidism, the testicle cannot be felt from the outside.

Traditional surgery requires a large incision to locate and remove the undescended testicle.Laparoscopic surgery involves a laparoscope (camera) to be placed into the abdominal cavity via a 1cm incision. Another small incision is made for the forceps. The testicle is grasped with forceps, pulled out of the abdominal incision and the blood supply tied off, and the spermatic cord is cut.We are one of the only practices in the area that carries out laparoscopic surgery.

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