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Puppy with a fracture

Scout first visited the surgery some weeks ago. Scout being a very excitable puppy had managed to fracture his trochanter tip femur. Scout was put on strict cage rest and follow up x-rays showed the fracture had started to repair.

The growth plates in a dog are areas of cartilage that develop at the end of the long bones of the legs. Over time, they calcify developing into denser matter as your puppy gets older and works their muscles more.

As your puppies grow , how and when they exercise should match their development – only increasing as they grow. This happens in conjunction with the hardening process of the growth plates themselves.

Before growth plates fully develop and mature into harder bone matter, they can be extremely vulnerable to injury. Injuries to growth plates mostly occur from too much exercise and hard impacts. These are the final parts of the long bones to harden.

Injures or fractures to a leg before the growth plates have hardened, can present problems with healing.

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