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This weeks emergency surgery **PYOMETRA**

Pyometras usually appear in unneutered female dogs after a season.

Pyometra occurs when an intact females’ uterus fills with pus. This infection will become life threatening if left untreated. There are two types of pyometra: closed and open pyometra. This distinction is based on whether the pus is draining out to the exterior or not. If closed, the cervix is sealed, and the course of the illness is shorter and more severe.

SIGNS *Dehydration *increased thirst and urination, *lethargy, fever, weight loss, *vomiting and diarrhea, *loss of appetite, * Discharge from vulva (not in all cases) The bacteria in the pus release toxins which can damage the kidneys, liver, and heart. Changes in blood sugar, blood clotting ability, shock, and system-wide infection (sepsis), organ failure, and even death can occur. The treatment for a pyometra is to spay the dog immediately removing the uterus, after the surgery a course of antibiotics usually follows and the animal make a full recovery in most cases. If the dog is left untreated for sometime the prognosis is poor.

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