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Vivienne attended the surgery last week as she was very lethargic and her owner was very concerned. Further tests were carried out and we found Vinenne had a Pyothorax. Pyothorax is an accumulation of fluid that contains an infectious (usually bacteria) agent and immune system cells in the space surrounding the lungs and heart. A small needle was placed into the chest to withdraw some fluid, and to relieve the pressure surrounding the lungs and heart and allowing Vivienne to breathe easier. Vienne was hospitalised and placed in the incubator with fluids and antibiotics.

Two chest tubes were placed. This is a sterile tube that is passed through the chest wall into the space around the lungs while she was under anaesthesia. This tube is usually in place for a few (5-7) days. Warm sterile water can be pumped into the space around the lungs and heart and then withdrawn through the chest tube in an effort to help clear out remaining debris – this is termed thoracic lavage. Vivienne spent several days with us and due to COVID-19 Gareth our veterinary surgeon took Vivienne home over the weekend to continue with her treatment . Vivienne is now at home and making a good recovery.

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